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November 27, 2008 -- Once again, greetings and salutations. Hope your Thanksgiving is plentiful with family and friends, and the start of a great holiday season. And now that the holidays are here, remember our annual Christmas Party at Memories in Margate on Sunday, December 14, from 5 to 10 pm, raising money for the folks at St. Mary’s Convent. Also, you won’t want to miss the premiere this weekend of the PBS special Love Train: The Sound of Philadelphia – Saturday at 5:30 pm in the Lehigh Valley and 8 pm in Philly, and Sunday at 8 pm on South Jersey’s WNJS. Now, time to ask the Geator.

During the mid-1960s, dancers used to do a line dance to the Olympics’ song "Mine Exclusively." Was the dance called the “Slow Fizz"? Do you play this hit and do the dancers still do the line dance to it? -- Joe Hindelang

Yes, they do, but it’s the Wagner Walk, occasionally with some of the steps from the Slow Fizz incorporated into it. The Olympics have been around since the ‘50s, with hits like “(My Baby Loves the) Western Movies” and “Shimmy Like Kate.” I play “Mine Exclusively” all the time, and it’s on the CD For Dancers Only, Volume 3.

The lead singer in "The Zircons" 1963 cut of "Lonely Way" sounds hauntingly like Jimmy Beaumont. Since the Skyliners disbanded from 1963-1974, is it possible that Jimmy actually did sing lead in the Zircon version? -- Ric

No, that’s another Jimmy -- Jimmy Gerenetski of the Zircons, whose vocal similarity to Jimmy Beaumont probably encouraged them to cover the Skyliners’ original 1959 recording of “Lonely Way.” On the Zircons version -- which became the top-selling a capella single of 1964 -- the harmony sounds so much like the Skyliners that you might think it’s Jimmy Beaumont on lead. But in my opinion the breathing and phrasing are dead giveaways that it’s not.

Any updates on the January 18 show at the Kimmel Center and who will be on the bill? – Mike T.

As you know, the Rhythm & Blues Foundation is now located in Philadelphia, and we wanted to highlight some of the stars. So for the first time ever in Philly, we’re bringing you the legendary Darlene Love. Don’t have to tell you the songs – “Today I Met the Boy I’m Gonna Marry,” “Wait Till My Bobby Gets Home,” the voice of the Crystals with “He’s a Rebel,” and so many other hits. We’ve also got Tommy Hunt, the original lead of the Flamingos, coming in from London with the remaining members, plus Gary U.S. Bonds, Brenda Holloway, Eugene Pitt of the Jive Five, Kenny Vance & the Planotones, plus a salute to the Sound of Philadelphia with Harold Melvin’s Blue Notes, the Intruders, and the Tymes. Better get your tickets quick on this one. It’s already half sold out, and a perfect gift for the holidays.

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